Project Description

Dr. Boos is the Section Chief of the Drug & Chemical Evaluation Section, Office of Diversion Control, Drug Enforcement Administration (DEA, U.S. Department of Justice).  He joined the DEA in 2007 and has been in his current position since October 2012.  His responsibilities include managing a multi-disciplinary group of scientists.  The group routinely initiates studies to increase and apply scientific knowledge as it pertains to drugs of abuse and chemicals for regulatory control and provides scientific support to federal, state, and local public health and law enforcement officials related to drugs of abuse.  The group provides scientific information to support international control of essential and precursor chemicals and drugs of abuse under the treaty provisions of the United Nations.  Additionally, the section provides scientific support to federal prosecutors.  Prior to joining DEA, Dr. Boos was a Research Fellow at the National Institute on Drug Abuse in the Drug Design and Synthesis Section.