Project Description

Dr Ornella Corazza, MA, PhD is a Reader in Substance Addictions and Behaviours and MD Programme Director at the University of Hertfordshire. She leads a multidisciplinary team across a diverse portfolio in public health and drug policy research. Results of her work have been presented in over hundred peer-reviewed publications, numerous invited lectures and media appearances. Her academic achievements have been recognized with various prizes and award nominations, including the 2013 European Health Award. She joined expert panels and works in close cooperation with the United Nations, European Commission, World Anti-Doping Agency and plays a major role in assisting schools, charities and the metropolitan police with information on risky behaviours. Previously, she held Fellowships at University of Padua, University of Bochum, University of London (King’s College; SOAS) and University of Tokyo. The basic theme of her research is to find out new strategies to improve health and wellbeing, while promoting multidisciplinary approaches and international cooperation.